Business Pensacola

Notes on Airport Concessions hearing yesterday

April 4, 2014

Judge Gary Bergosh heard arguments for nearly five hours on a temporary injunction request by Robert de Varona, the airport’s food concessionaire, to prevent the city from removing and storing his restaurant kitchen equipment, furniture and…


Viewpoint: Pensacola the Bully

March 31, 2014

by Mark Taylor There is not much I despise more than a bully. We’ve all been around them, in school, at the playground, and maybe even in our adult lives at work or play. No matter…


Hayward failed to get FAA approval

March 27, 2014

The Pensacola News Journal has confirmed what Jesse Rigsby, attorney for Varona Enterprises of Florida, suspected–Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward failed to get FAA approval to give OHM Group a 10-year exclusive contract for airport food concessions…