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Saturday November 1st 2014

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Plight of Homeless Children in Florida

Scott Pelley continues his "60 Minutes" report that looks at the plight of homeless children in Florida. Then, Jeff Glor talks to Beth Davalos, a child welfare advocate who runs Families in Transition - a program that helps homeless students lead more normal and productive lives. Source: CBS

Gaetz committee delivers redistricting plan

Press release: Drawing on 157 redistricting maps submitted by citizens and on testimony by more than 1,600 people across the state, the Florida Senate today published proposed redistricting plans for congressional and senate districts. The plans, which can be found at [...]

Banks loaned $1.2 Trillion secretly in 2008 by Fed (pre-Obama)

Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its January issue that the Federal Reserve gave U.S. banks secret loans that netted $13 billion of undisclosed income. The $1.2 trillion bailout in December of 2008—the largest in U.S. history—has been kept a secret by the Fed and big banks. Read more.

Aronberg comeback?

Aronberg comeback?

Former state Sen. Dave Aronberg says he’s still doing some “due diligence” before deciding whether to challenge Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe in a 2012 Democratic primary. Read more.

Haridopolos lied

Miami Herald: Senate President Mike Haridopolos admitted he didn’t tell the truth last year when he denied knowledge of a secret settlement with ex-GOP Chairman Jim Greer. Read more.

Buzz: Baby Gaetz fails to oust mayor

Found this little tidbit in Northwest Florida Daily News. Pat Bates has been reelected as the mayor in Altamonte Springs, despite local State Rep. Matt Gaetz campaigning against her. According to the article, Bates lobbied in favor of the federal government raising its debt ceiling and has opposed [...]

Alarming Climate Change Effects on FL

by Les Coleman, Florida News Service-- MIAMI, Fla. - "Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation" is out, and none too soon: 2011 has been one of the most costly years on record for extreme weather events worldwide, and the U.S. has had more "billion [...]

Supercommittee Super Failure?

Bipartisanship continues to gridlock Congress. The Supercommittee that was to propose cuts and savings to the federal budget will not meet its deadline, and the finger-pointing has already begun. Manchin: Supercommitte must step aside after failure Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) spoke with Bob [...]

Another bizarre GOP debate

Another bizarre GOP debate

The Republican Party's presidential nomination process has become a weird reality show. There hasn't been anything like it since Anna Nicole Smith had her show on E. Things got emotional at the Republican presidential debate last night in Iowa. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and [...]

Personhood amendment has some support in Florida

The defeat of a similar state constitutional amendment in Mississippi has deflated the Personhood advocates in Florida. They have their own website, personhoodfl.com. The group needs 676,811 valid petitions for ballot access. According to recent story in the Orlando Sentinel, they have only [...]

Raisin’ Cain says Taliban doing bad things in Libya

Presidential candidate Herman Cain now is an expert on foreign policy. He warns that the Taliban is infiltrating the new Libyan government. Never mind that the Taliban operates along the the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, which is several thousand miles from Libya. Never mind there are huge [...]

In context: Rick Perry’s new attack on Obama (video)

A recent campaign ad for GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry makes the claim that President Obama thinks "Americans are lazy." Scott Pelley puts that claim into context. Source: CBS

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