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Friday November 27th 2015

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Inside Gingrich campaign meltdown

The Daily Beast has the inside scoop on why Newt Gingrich's top aides bolted en masse Thursday, leaving his campaign in tatters. Peter J. Boyer reports on staffers’ complaints about Gingrich’s rogue inclinations, the Greek cruise with wife Callista that was the final straw—and whether the [...]

Palin vs. Bachmann

The GOP presidential primaries could be a lot of fun, especially as the candidates try to out do each in catering to the Tea Party and play the game "Who is the biggest political insider?" Washington Post reports the camps of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have already started. Read more.

Rick Scott – Job-a-nator

Rick Scott – Job-a-nator

Is Gov. Rick Scott taking credit for jobs that he did little for the that to land? St. Pete Times thinks so. It reports Gov. Rick Scott makes job creation look easy. Phone a CEO. Support tax cuts. Attend a news conference. His zeal to count every new job in Florida toward his campaign promise of [...]

Obama-care could be in trouble

LA Times: Skeptical questions from three federal judges in Atlanta suggest they may be ready to declare unconstitutional all or part of the healthcare law promoted by the Obama administration and passed last year by Congress. A top Obama administration lawyer defending last year's healthcare law [...]

Miami mayoral candidates distancing themselves from Scott

The St. Pete Times Buzz reports that the two (Republican) candidates running for Miami-Dade mayor sought in a debate Tuesday morning to distance themselves as much as possible from Gov. Rick Scott. The two, Julio Robaina and Carlos Gimenez, said that they supported Bill McCollum for the GOP [...]

Obama loses May bump in polls

The latest polls are showing that the bounce in the polls that Obama received after the death of Osama bin Laden in early May has disappeared. He is now in a dead heat with GOP hopeful Mitt Romney. Read more.

Evers, billboards and public record issue

The Florida Times-Union reports that Department of Transportation officials, Sen. Greg Evers and others knowingly allowed a billboard company to build signs without necessary permits. The newspaper also reports that information regarding the signs was withheld from a public records request. [...]

Jobs budget cuts jobs

Sarasota Herald Tribune reports that the state budget which goes into effect on July---the one Gov. Rick Scott has proclaimed as the jobs budget-- will result in the loss of thousands of jobs: Some 4,500 positions in state government will be eliminated; roughly half of those jobs are open, but [...]

GOP has some responsibility for National Debt

Think Progress writes that Bush tax and the Iraq War attributed to half of the National Debt. Read Some Inconvenient Truths About National Debt

Ron Paul has most interest on GOP ticket

Although the 2012 presidential election is over a year away, Republican candidates – possible, presumed, and announced alike – have already begun to emerge as the stage is being set for the first primaries early next year. This entry is the start of what will be a new regular feature here on [...]

Gaetz reports on 2011 Session

Email from State Sen. Don Gaetz: The Florida Legislature began its 113th session in the worst of times – a historically sour economy producing $3.8 billion less in revenues than the previous year, record joblessness, a deeply depressed housing market and a widespread belief that over-reaching [...]

Scott sucks up Obama dollars

Scott sucks up Obama dollars

Gov. Rick "Voldemort" Scott campaigned against President Obama's "failed stimulus" program — yet he kept nearly $370 million of the federal cash in his budget. Read Miami Herald story.

Gov. Scott called

Actually it was a robo call that the Republican Party of Florida paid for. Gov. Scott praised his "Jobs" budget and how it meets his commitment to "put job creation front and center." He also bragged about his line-item vetoes that eliminated "wasteful special interest spending"----which was put in [...]

Are destination casinos in our future?

Both the Miami Herald and the Orlando Sentinel have articles on casino gambling coming to Florida. I heard rumblings out of Tallahassee that Scott favored the idea and lawmakers were being heavily courted by the casino industry. Our local dog track is owned by the same tribe that owns Wind Creek [...]

Scott: Most unpopular governor in nation

Press release: Florida Voters Turn Thumbs Down On Gov. Scott 2-1, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds; Voters Say Property Insurance Is Getting Worse. Florida voters disapprove 57 - 29 percent of the job Gov. Rick Scott is doing, the worst score of any governor in the states surveyed by Quinnipiac [...]

Scott gets another veto request

Infrastructure---road, bridges, etc ---is seen as a key element of economic development. The state legislature passed as part of its budget sweeping $150 million from the state's road-building fund to the general fund. This marks the third year in a row that a trust fund transfer has been [...]

No presidential run for Scott

No presidential run for Scott

AP reports that Rick Scott has announced he will not seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. He has his hands full with Hogwarts. Read more.

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