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Friday November 27th 2015

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Book: ‘Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin’

Book: ‘Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin’

Former Sarah Palin aide, Frank Bailey, has a tell-all book that will hit the stands on Tuesday: "Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years. " The book is based on tens of thousands of emails that Bailey said he kept during his time with Palin - from her 2006 gubernatorial [...]

Rapture FAQ

At 6 p.m. the Rapture begins so if that van down the street is a rockin', don't come knockin'. The signal that the End of the World has begun will be earthquakes, according to Harold Camping of Family Radio. Then saved people will start disappearing. Since Pensacola has so many churches, I [...]

Scott signs election bill

Press Release: The League of Women Voters of Florida is gravely disappointed by Governor Rick Scott's decision to approve HB 1355, a controversial elections bill that the League considers an assault on voters. By signing HB 1355, the Governor indicated his support for burdensome and unnecessary [...]

Rick Scott for President, Part 2

Rick Scott for President, Part 2

Don't laugh. NY Times columnist Nate Silver writes that a Southerner has an edge in winning the GOP presidential nomination. Since 1980, a Southerner has finished first or second in every Iowa Republican presidential caucus. More than 40 percent of John McCain’s voters in 2008 were from the [...]

Blogtake: Shoving problems downhill

The federal and state governments are cutting their spending. Hooray! ....while sort of. The needs and problems aren't going away simply because the programs are being cut. They still exist and the burden for dealing with them is being shifted to the local level. More state roads are being [...]

Gov. Scott gives interview

Not to mainstream media--or even us--, but to the Florida Baptist Witness. Gov. Rick Scott gave Florida Baptist Witness a 20-minute interview on May 3. The governor told the Baptist newspaper that he believes that reducing taxes is the key to revitalizing Florida’s economy. “Whether it’s [...]

Scott launches publicity machine

Scott launches publicity machine

Gov. Rick Scott will spend the next few weeks redefining the 2011 Legislative Session as success for his administration. His Facebook page--yes, Scott has a Facebook page--touts his statewide swing as his “On the Road to 700,000 Jobs” tour. The Florida Tribune reports that the state [...]

U.S. Foreign Aid Analysis (interactive)

Center for American Progress has an interactive map that explores where U.S. foreign aid dollars are spent and how these countries rank in terms of basic indicators such as political rights and civil liberties, corruption, and overall development. For example: India Total: [...]

What is DEP doing about climate change?

St. Pete Times reports that a gathering of 400 scientists in Copenhagen this month reached the conclusion that the arctic's glaciers are melting faster than anyone expected due to man-made climate change. As a result, the world's sea level will rise faster than previously projected, rising at least [...]

Bondi takes stand on mortgage issue

Orlando Sentinel reports the federal government has been pushing banks such as BOA and Wells Fargo to reduce the mortgage principal for qualified borrowers in danger of foreclosure. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi opposes such mortgage modifications. Why? According to Bondi, pushing lenders [...]

Scott for President 2012

Scott for President 2012

I know it sounds far-fetched but Adam Smith of the St. Pete Times makes a good argument that Florida Gov. Rick Scott could make a strong run for the Republican nomination. The Tea Party will dominate the Republican primaries, which means electable candidates like Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty don't [...]

Ron Paul in 2012

Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, says "Time is right" for him to pursue the presidency for a third time. He said in an interview on "Good Morning America" that voters are increasingly embracing his brand of conservatism Read more.

Peace Corps volunteers talk about rape

Earlier this week I wrote about Lara Logan, the reporter who was sexually assaulted by a crowd while covering the uprising in Cairo. Now Peace Corps volunteers have stepped forward with stories of rape. From New York Times: Jess Smochek arrived in Bangladesh in 2004 as a 23-year-old Peace [...]

Florida hit hard by GOP Medicaid plan

Florida hit hard by GOP Medicaid plan

The Kaiser Foundation has analyzed the GOP Medicare plan. Projected federal spending on Medicaid for the 10-year period 2012 to 2021 would fall by $1.4 trillion, a 34 percent decline. By 2021, states would receive $243 billion less annually in federal Medicaid money than they would under current [...]

The Donald tanks in latest poll

Daily Beast: Trump has fallen to 8 percent in Public Policy Polling’s most recent survey, just a month after he led the Republican presidential field with 26 percent. Additionally, 53 percent of GOP voters now say they view him in a negative light, compared to 34 percent who view him favorably. [...]

What happens when GOP can’t agree?

More than 2,000 bills were filed during the 2011 session, but less than 300 were approved at the end of the 60-day session. Bills dealing with immigration, union dues and ethics reform were among the bills that died on Friday night. The final totals show that GOP-controlled Legislature passed the [...]

Koch brother dictates FSU hiring

Charles G. Koch has pledged $1.5 million for positions in Florida State University's economics department. With the funds comes strings. Koch and his representatives get to screen and sign off on any hires for a new program promoting "political economy and free enterprise. Charles Koch is one of [...]

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