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Friday November 27th 2015

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State Newspaper Roundup: May 1

Sun Sentinel gives rundown on what our state legislature will do this week. Public schools will get 7.9 percent budget cut. Bright Futures will be cut by 20 percent. Orlando Sentinel reports on segregation in charter schools. One out of eight charter schools has a student body with 90 percent or [...]

GOP has defections in fight against unions

NY Times reports that Florida legislators on the Republican side of the aisle are feeling the pressure from the fire and police unions. By some counts, 12 of the 28 Republican senators are against the latest version of Mr. Thrasher’s bill, which would require public employee unions to get each [...]

Relentless smear campaign against Obama

Relentless smear campaign against Obama

Washington Post columnist Colbert King writes about FOX NEWS attacked President Obama for not recognizing Easter Day with an official proclamation ---even thought the prior day he had mentioned it in his radio address. During Holy Week, the President had held an Easter prayer breakfast with clergy. [...]

Wonkette: New anti-Obama conspiracy

Michele Obama has three hands. See photo.    

Low point of American politics

Low point of American politics

New York Times: People are out of work, American soldiers are dying overseas and President Obama is pressured to show his birth certificate. The NYT calls it "A Certificate of Embarrassment" --"a profoundly low and debasing moment in American political life." Of course the birthers still aren't [...]

Senate Continues Campaign Against Voters

Press release issued jointly by Florida PIRG, AFL-CIO of Florida, the League of Women Voters of Florida and ACLU of Florida: With less than two weeks of the Legislative Session remaining, the notion that the Legislature would be focused on creating jobs and on our economy continues to be [...]

CNN: No doubt Obama born in Hawaii

CNN: No doubt Obama born in Hawaii

CNN has completed its investigation into the birth certificate of Barack Obama. Conclusion: He was born in Hawaii. Dr. Chiyome Fukino, former director of the Department of Health under Republican Governer Linda Lingle has inspected the document, which is stored in a vault in the Department of [...]

GOP leaders squabble over state budget

Sen. J.D. Alexander, Florida Senate's budget chairman, is fighting with House Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopolos over the state budget. St. Pete Times has the barbs. Read more.


The recent release of classified documents on Guantanamo Bay detention center have provided insights into how the facility was run, the prisoners held there and the government policies regarding it. The NY Times reports: "That began as a jury-rigged experiment after the 2001 terrorist attacks [...]

Florida lags in dental care for children

Florida lags in dental care for children

Sun-Sentinel reports: A recent study by the Pew Center for the States found that only 23.5 percent of Medicaid-enrolled children, age 18 and under, received any sort of dental care in 2008, the most recent year for which federal data were available. (In Idaho, the top-ranked state, 61 percent of [...]

National news cheat sheet

National news cheat sheet

NY Times viewpoint worth reading: "Human trafficking is more similar in America and Cambodia than we would like to admit. Teenage girls on American streets may appear to be selling sex voluntarily, but they’re often utterly controlled by violent pimps who take every penny they earn." Read [...]

State newspaper round-up

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Gov. Rick Scott has secretly pushed to kill Citizens Property Insurance before his first term ends. Read more. St. Pete Times: Despite a professed goal of increased transparency, the people who manage $156 billion in pension funds and other public money have taken steps [...]

Bare knuckles payback

St. Pete Times writes about how GOP lawmakers are taking advantage of their political clout to weaken the Democrats in future elections. "It is bare-knuckle politics at its purest as Republicans shrewdly take advantage of their clout before the once-a-decade process of redrawing legislative and [...]

House passes elections bill

Despite no reports of election fraud, Florida House Republicans have strong-armed an elections bill through the House. Read how they are mucking up a good system.

Mayor has sheriff investigate city cops

Mayor Teresa Zemaitis had been frustrated by the Kenneth City Town Council's refusal to listen to her complaints about problems in the Police Department. She asked the sheriff to investigate. The results weren't good. I think I have a new hero. Read more.

Scarborough makes Time’s Most Influential List

Scarborough makes Time’s Most Influential List

Joe Scarborough, former Congressman, editor/publisher of the old Florida Sun and host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, made Time's 100 Most Influential People in the world. Read more.

Repairing Gov. Scott’s image

Repairing Gov. Scott’s image

The St. Pete Times writes about Gov. Rick Scott working on repairing his public image. My youngest calls him "Gov. Voldemort" so he has a long way to go. Fifty-five percent of Floridians disapprove of him. Read more.

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