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Wednesday August 20th 2014

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Gaetz serious about job creation

State Sen. Don Gaetz (R-Niceville) is serious about job creation and wants to hold accountable those corporations that got fat incentive checks for creating jobs. He wants the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to release information about companies that owe taxpayers money for [...]

Smoking man endorses Cain

The latest Herman Cain ad is getting a lot of attention. The former Godfather's CEO has caught fire as the next possible GOP candidate to block Mitt Romney's selection as the party's 2012 presidential nomination. This ad will surely spawn dozens of great parodies.

Oops, Rubio embellished Cuban exile history

Oops, Rubio embellished Cuban exile history

The Washington Post has caught U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (Fl-Rep) embellishing his parents' immigration from Cuba to Miami. To fire up his conservative base, Rubio likes to tell how his parents were forced off their beloved island after “a thug,” Fidel Castro, took power. Painting pictures [...]

Obama succeeds again

Obama succeeds again

The image of a bloodied Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi offered further vindication of President Barack Obama's War on Terrorism. While the GOP right wing wants to portray the president as weak on foreign policy and defense, the end of Libyan dictator's 40-year reign is his second major victory this [...]

Lawmakers get 100 different district plans

State Senator Don Gaetz announced yesterday that the Florida Legislature has received its  100thcitizen-generated redistricting plan. According to Gaetz, Florida isn’t relying on maps created by special interest groups or politicians, but has opened to the public the design of congressional, [...]

Will casinos kill our hotel and restaurant industry?

Will casinos kill our hotel and restaurant industry?

A 1997 study by nonpartisan research firms, California Research Bureau, studied the impact of casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the number of restaurants dropped 40 percent over the 20 years after New Jersey voters authorized casino gambling in the state. In Tallahassee, the hospitality [...]

UWF salaries online

UWF salaries online

Gov. Rick Scott has published on his floridahasarighttoknow.com the salaries of all the staff at the state's public universities. The info is in a huge Excel spreadsheet. Fortunately, the Sarasota Herald Tribune has a searchable database (here). BTW, the University of West Florida has 51 [...]

Florida schools could be hit $1.2 billion shortfall in 2012-13 budget

Florida schools could be hit $1.2 billion shortfall in 2012-13 budget

The buzz is public education funding could have a $1.2 billion shortfall if Florida lawmakers keep the same funding level for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The gap stems from the end of federal stimulus dollars ($554 million), a decrease in property tax collection expectations ($239 millon), lack [...]

State budget projected to have $1.5 billion shortfall

The Republicans will have to find ways to further cut the Florida state budget is the latest revenue projections by state economists hold true. Gov. Rick Scott may have to trim $600 million from the current 2011-12 budget and additional $968.3 million for the 2012-13 budget. The Republicans and [...]

FCAT scoring could get tougher

Just as Escambia County public schools had climbed back up to an overall B average, the state is considering toughening the scoring system for the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT). The Sun-Sentinel reports that proposed new scoring system being considered by the State Baord of [...]

Welfare drug testing a money loser

In today’s New York Times, A. G. Sulzberger reported only 32 temporary assistance applicants in Florida failed their required drug tests while 7,030 passed. That’s a 0.4% fail rate. Based on the NYT estimate that the average temporary assistance applicant receives $253 monthly for less than [...]

Trade agreements could be boon for Florida

Congress is voting this Wednesday on trade agreements for Columbia, Panama and South Korea. The agreements would phase out duties on products the three countries trade with the United States. The administration calculates that the agreement with South Korea alone will generate $11 million in [...]

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