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State & National News

Lawmakers get 100 different district plans

October 21, 2011

State Senator Don Gaetz announced yesterday that the Florida Legislature has received its  100thcitizen-generated redistricting plan. According to Gaetz, Florida isn’t relying on maps created by special interest groups or politicians, but has opened to the…

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UWF salaries online

October 18, 2011

Gov. Rick Scott has published on his the salaries of all the staff at the state’s public universities. The info is in a huge Excel spreadsheet. Fortunately, the Sarasota Herald Tribune has a searchable database…

Education State & National News

FCAT scoring could get tougher

October 12, 2011

Just as Escambia County public schools had climbed back up to an overall B average, the state is considering toughening the scoring system for the Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test (FCAT). The Sun-Sentinel reports that proposed new…

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Welfare drug testing a money loser

October 11, 2011

In today’s New York Times, A. G. Sulzberger reported only 32 temporary assistance applicants in Florida failed their required drug tests while 7,030 passed. That’s a 0.4% fail rate. Based on the NYT estimate that the…

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Celente Picks 2012 Presidential Winner

October 7, 2011

Press Release: And the next President of the United States will be: teleprompter populist extraordinaire, Barack Obama. Should the Republicans nominate one of the three current frontrunners – Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann –…

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Obama, Palin when comic straw poll

October 7, 2011

BOOM! announces the results of DECISION 2012, the comic book industry’s first straw poll: Barak Obama has won, with the top Republican candidacy going to Sarah Palin and a shocking result for last place: Rick Perry!…

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Wall Street Protest grows

October 2, 2011

I’ve written about this protest that has garnered little attention from the mainstream media. Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration that has maintained sustained occupation of Wall Street, the financial district of New York City,…