Chief Perkins responds to Volunteer Prez

November 6, 2006

fireEscambia Co. Fire Chief Ken Perkins has responded to the letter from Steve McNair, president of the Esc. Co. Volunteer Firefighters Association ( See McNair letter )

We have the letter as a PDF: Perkins Response

Chief Perkins clears Battalion Chief Isakson of the charges made in McNair’s letter. Perkins reviewed tapes of the incident and spoke with residents in the neighborhood.

Perkins identifies several issues that need to be addressed:

    1. Not repeat a 13-minute response time
    2. Stronger incident management
    3. Insure adherence to guidelines by all responding chief officers
    4. Insure all personnel use protective equipment
    5. Need to deal with issues between volunteer and paid firefighters and their leaders away from active emergency incidents – i.e. heated exchange between Burleson and Isakson.

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