City 3-1-1 app still not catching on

February 3, 2016

Inweekly had Duwayne Escobedo look into the City of Pensacola’s 3-1-1 service, which handled a little over 400 calls a month last year–most of which were requests for city phone numbers or other agencies.

The closure rate of the two-person Office of Constituent Services is 92 percent.

The 3-1-1 system was first introduced in Baltimore in 1996 and won the Innovation award from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 2003. Nearly 70 municipalities across the United States use the system. Another 20 cities in Canada have launched the 3-1-1 service. Pensacola implemented the program in July 2011 during the first year of Mayor Ashton Hayward’s first term in office.

The Office of Constituent Services handled 4,875 calls in 2015. Of those, 2,810 requests, or 57.6 percent, were for city phone numbers or referrals to other agencies.

During that year, only 154 of 1,910 remaining issues went uncompleted. That’s a 92 percent success rate for those entries. Popular issues were potholes (156 calls), streetlights (123) and code enforcement (176).

The City has launched an app that lets citizens send requests from their  iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry devices. The app can be downloaded from the city’s 3-1-1 page on its website.

Currently, requests for city services by the app account for about 8 percent of the total submitted. Although the city app is quick and easy to use, it has failed to catch on, so far. Requests through the city website——make up 7 percent of requests for city services. Meanwhile, phone calls remain the most popular way to contact the city for services, totaling 85 percent of requests.

The article will be posted on Inweekly this afternoon at 4 p.m.


2015 3-1-1 Requests
Request Types Submitted Closed
311 for City telephone number 1983 1982
311 Other Agency 827 827
Request of phone numbers 2810 2809
Code Enforcement other 176 165
Pothole 156 155
Streetlights 123 122
Street signs/Traffic signals 111 109
Care of Premises complaint 108 97
Parks grounds/landscaping 105 97
Flooding/Drainage 104 78
Public Works other 95 88
Parks & Recreation other 92 77
General Information other 92 92
Total service-related requests 1162 1080
Total calls 4875 4720

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