City disputes post that mayor pulled Oliver from CMPA

February 13, 2013


Not sure where you are getting your information. Mayor Hayward did not ask that anything be pulled from the agenda for today’s CMPA meeting. To my knowledge, an agenda has not even been released for anything to be pulled from. As a legitimate news organization, we hope that you will retract or correct your inaccurate headline and copy.

Mr. Oliver will be attending today’s CMPA meeting but is not, was not, and has not been scheduled to make any presentation.


Derek Cosson
Public Information Officer
City of Pensacola

Unless my sources retracts statement to us, we will stand by the post. Let’s see what happens today at the CMPA meeting. Maybe the mayor will give his recommendations to the CMPA board–then this will be a moot and I guess I will be a “loser” in the Jan. 21 issue.

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