Coming: Radio Free Pensacola

October 9, 2013

Radio Free Pensacola is about to go into Beta test mode and is looking for Internet deejays. I was included on this email.

From Phread:

I wanted to share some of the news with you guys as far as our progress is concerned. We’ve decided to go ahead and begin Beta Testing our live shows, and that means I’d like for any of you guys who are interested in being a part of this station and being a DJ to get back to me with some info. We’ll schedule you guys with some blocks of time to broadcast your shows. Feel free to invite your friends to listen in and we’ll figure out what issues are going to pop up. It’ll also help you get the feel of the software and the transitions in your shows.

We’re going to go ahead and put a player up on the Facebook page and as we get into the Beta period a bit. We have technically been broadcasting for several months now, but the feed has been hidden for testing purposes. In addition to the players we will also have mobile apps for iDevices and Android devices, so that’ll be pretty cool too.

Also during this Beta period we are working on an official logo and branding. We’ll get those stock images off of the Facebook page and have something that is our own.

Anyhoo, one big issue I’ll go ahead and warn you about is that our broadcasting platform, Winamp/SHOUTcast is a Windows only deal. If you’re an Apple person, you could always run Windows in Parallels(www.parallels.com/products/desktop/), or if you happen to be a Linux person, there’s always Wine (winehq.org/) though with most things run on Wine, you never know how well it’s going to work.

OK, I’ve probably forgotten some details, but this is long enough. Here’s what I need from you if you’d like to DJ during our Beta Testing period:

1. Most importantly, I’ll need the log in name you’d like to use (I’ll send you a password).

2. What day and time slot you’d prefer

3. How often you’d like to broadcast, twice a week, once a week, once a month, etc.

4. “Genre” this can obviously be vague, but a generality would be cool to know, especially if you’re planning to do a talk show, a live performance show, or something unique to just playing awesome music.

And that’s it for now. We can’t make any commitments yet on who will be deejays but will try to work everyone in.


Radio Free Pensacola

This is going to be cool. Stay tuned.

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