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Saturday November 28th 2015

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Commissioner May and Ministers to Reach Out Montclair Community

Press Release: Escambia County Commissioner Lumon May, District 3, will join a group of local ministers in the Montclair neighborhood Friday, February 15. This free event will help promote community togetherness and community awareness.

Among the local leaders joining Commissioner May will be Pastor Lonnie D. Wesley of Greater Little Rock Baptist Church; Dr. Joseph L. Marshall of St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church; Dr. Tyler V. Hardeman of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church; Rev. Lutimothy May of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Members of the local “Parents Against Injustice and Negligence” group will also be taking part in this event.

Commissioner May and the ministers will lead a 100 Man Walk through Montclair to meet with residents and hear their concerns and to encourage them to get involved in solving the community’s problems.

The public is encouraged to take part in this event at the Westernmark Park. Food will be provided.

WHAT: Montclair News Conference and Community Event

WHERE: Westernmark Park, 751 Massachusetts Ave (Between Diego Circle and Erress Blvd.)
WHEN: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Residents are also encouraged to follow District 3 news on Twitter at @myDistrict3. They can also sign up to receive the latest information via email on Escambia County’s web site at www.myescambia.com/districts/3 and select the “Notify Me” tab.