Complaint filed about residency of ECUA board member

August 9, 2016

Melanie Nichols has filed a complaint with the Supervisor of Elections office that Emerald Coast Utility Board member Elvin McCorvey doesn’t live in the district that he presents and hasn’t live in it for three years.

McCorvey filed to run for sixth term on the ECUA board in May and is facing tough competition on the Democratic primary.

“I would like to file an official complaint against Elvin McCorvey who has not been living or registered to vote in the District that he is supposed to represent,” wrote Nichols to Sonya Daniel, Deputy Supervisor of Elections. “I am a District 3 registered voter and no one has been representing my District on the ECUA Board and decisions have been made which have been very critical for District 3 and while District 4 had two representatives, District 3 had none.”

James Scaminaci, III, made a public request of McCorvey’s voting registration. The records revealed that prior to May 29, 2013, McCorvey was registered to vote at 1770 E Baars Street, which is inside District 3. On May 29, 2013, he updated his registration to 1708 E. Scott Street, which is in District 4.

For the past three years, McCorvey has not lived in the district he was elected to serve.

On May 20, 2016, he updated his registration to 201 West Scott Street, which is also the registration of Willie F. McCorvey and Margie P. McCorvey. Scaminaci doesn’t believe Elvin McCrovey actually lives on West Scott Street. Read blog post.

The primary is three weeks away. McCovery faces Kenny Lyons, Clorissti Mitchell and Charles D. Thornton, Sr. in the Democratic primary.

Stay tuned. This race is getting interesting.

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