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County animal shelter mistakenly kills family pet

September 3, 2013

Facebook and the web were lit up this weekend over the story of a family pet being killed at the Escambia County Animal Shelter due to a clerical error.

On August 29, a three-year-old Labrador retriever mix named Cowgirl was mistakenly euthanized by the shelter just hours before her owners were to bring her home. The dog’s intake card did not have an “arrow” drawn on the top right hand corner with the one word “over,” indicating the dog was claimed and going home, according to the Facebook group, Lost and Found Pets of Pensacola and Surrounding Areas.

According to the Facebook group, the owners did meet with shelter officials:

Lost and Found Pets of Pensacola & surrounding areas

Danielle Riggens response after meeting with the ECAS about Cowgirl:
OK- Brittany Ann Meade and I would like to give everyone an update on our meeting with the Shelter this morning.
We met with the Director and supervisor of the shelter, who did express their apologies for this tragedy. They accept responsibility for what happened to our girl, and are planning to change their procedures, as they were aware that there was a lack of efficiency in their current system. We accepted their apology, and appreciate their willingness to change.

HOWEVER- We need to now ensure that this does in fact change. Telling us what you will do is not proving it will happen. The higher ups need to know about this, and they need to regulate and ensure they are implementing the new policy. We want to make this known: Brit and I do not want slander or negativity against the shelter, but rather people to push for something to change. The director made us aware of public meeting with the board and county commissioners on Sept 17, where they will let us be heard! Channel 3 has contacted me, and will be doing a report to help us be the voice the animals.

Again- our mission is to not attack the shelter, but to push for change. Please help us in this fight! Thanks for the support again, as we are still heartbroken without out girl here. Please Please continue to share this story! We also would like the state of Florida to change the 3 day kill policy!!!! Thank you all soo sooooo much for everything. We read the article above and are truly amazed with the Pensacola Pet Community. We love you all.

Animal activist Patty Krakowski wants pet lovers to write letters of protest to the ECAS:

Cowgirl is a bit like my Marshall. She is a runner. She got away from her family and before they could catch up with her, Escambia County Animal Control arrested her. Cowgirl’s family had been in constant contact with the shelter and was going to bail her out. When one of Cowgirl’s family members arrived to pick her up today, they were informed that she had be “accidentally put down” because the shelter staff failed to read the notes on her paperwork. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!! Please call or write and tell them this kind of neglect and disregard is NOT OK!!!!!!
200 W Fairfield Dr Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 595-3075

This could be one of your babies!!! Cowgirl was someone’s family member. hearts are broken.

God Speed, Cowgirl. We will do our best to keep this from happening to another baby

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