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Tuesday December 1st 2015

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County Looks at Logo

Escambia County commissioners will be discussing the county’s seal during their regularly scheduled meeting today.

“Don’t get to excited,” said county attorney Alison Rodgers. “It’s the same logo, nothing’s changing. It’s just housekeeping.”

The county seal—a depiction of the Blue Angles flying over the Gulf of Mexico—has been the same since the 1980s. Escambia County arrived at the design by offering citizens the chance to design the logo.

Rodgers said that the commissioners will now consider passing an ordinance officially adopting the seal. The ordinance will also clarify that the logo may not be used without the county’s permission.

“It’s insurance,” she said.

Rodgers said that Escambia County already had such protection, as she understood it, but an ordinance would solidify the matter—“this is just an extra step to make sure.”

The Escambia County Commission was slated to hold a public hearing on the logo ordinance April 5. But it turns out that’s going to need to be rescheduled. That entire meeting is going to need to be rescheduled—it’s the opening night of the Blue Wahoos opening season at Maritime Park.

“A bunch of the commissioners want to go to that, obviously,” Rodgers said.