Crist: Facing Scott’s $100 million war chest, made decision to run difficult

November 18, 2013

Former Governor Charlie Crist admitted to me today that his decision to run against Republican Gov. Rick Scott was a difficult one. I wanted to know what was so special about the timing of his November 4 announcement to run as a Democrat in the 2014 Florida governor’s race.

“Nothing was special about the timing, everything about the decision itself,” said Crist, who was in Pensacola earlier today. “It’s a difficult decision.”

Crist admitted that Scott’s fundraising capabilities and attack-style campaign tactics made him think hard about re-entering Florida politics.

“I’m running against a guy that has pledged to spend $100 million against his opponent. He went even further and said he was going to spend $25 million at the outset of his campaign to define his opponent.”

He said of Governor Scott, “As you know, he’s not throwing roses at me. He is bashing me all day long, all over the state of Florida. Before you walked into that valley, you have to make sure your family is ready, that you’re ready and that there are people around the state that care as much about Florida as I do”

“I couldn’t stand by and watch any more. Somebody had to step up and give people a choice.”

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