DAs battle over Nodine case

November 15, 2011

Angel Downs, girlfriend of former Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine, suffered a gunshot wound to the head outside her Gulf Shores home in May 2010. A December trial for Nodine on the murder/stalking charges ended in a mistrial when the jury couldn’t reach a unanimous verdict.

Since then, Baldwin County has elected a new District Attorney and the Alabama Attorney General has appointed a special prosecutor. That special prosecutor, David Whetstone, has filed a motion in court stating he plans to pursue the original murder indictment against Nodine and ask Judge Partin to dismiss a lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide handed down by an August grand jury.

A photograph of shooting victim Angel Downs as well as text messages contained in her Blackberry phone indicate that she shot herself last year, according to a document written by Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon (more).

Former Baldwin County District Attorney Judy Newcomb said a letter from the current district attorney doesn’t accurately reflects the facts in murder case against former Mobile County commissioner Stephen Nodine (more).

A hearing in Baldwin County Circuit Court tomorrow may determine how the case against Stephen Nodine will move forward (more).

BTW: A recent study shows Alabama is second in the nation in number of women killed by men.

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