Escambia County

Donors are not upset about moving maritime museum

September 17, 2009

I’ve talked to several people who attend the meeting that the University of West Florida held for the donors to the Maritime Museum. I think UWF officials thought that there would be a big uproar over moving the museum site to Main Street—-a move brought about because of a $13-million federal grant. There wasn’t an uproar. Most either like the new site (site B) better because its more visible to the street or just don’t care as long as UWF accepts the money and starts building asap.

UWF officials are claiming that while moving the museum to site B would have the land available sooner, they can’t move any quicker on the design. What?????????? The referendum passed three years ago and they can’t have the plans finalized in six months?

You would think that for $13-million somebody might be willing to work overtime to meet deadlines.

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