ECSD Spring Hiring deadline approaches

April 18, 2017

The Escambia County School District is holding a Spring Hiring Event on April 29, for those interested in becoming ECSD teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. To be invited by the ECSD Human Resources Department to attend and interview, all application requirements must be completed by Apr. 25th.

This event will feature all Escambia County School District schools with available positions and is designed for individuals who have their applications submitted and reviewed by the HR Certification Staff in time to be invited to interview the morning of Apr. 29. Those applicants will be contacted with additional details.

“This is a great way to introduce yourself to principals from multiple schools, interview for various positions, and see what the Escambia County School District has to offer for the upcoming school year,” said Dawn Ramirez, ECSD’s Coordinator of Teacher Certification. “Many of our schools will be filling positions during this event. Last year, 100 individuals were offered employment and were fully processed through Human Resources during a similar hiring event.”

Information about the application process can be found at the page,

Applicants must complete an online application and submit all required documents to participate in the hiring event. These documents typically include:

  • Resume
  • Official transcripts
  • Verification of highly qualified status
  • Out of state certificate, if applicable
  • Florida subject area exam score report (Applicants may provide HR with the unofficial subject area exam results report and replace it with the official report when it arrives)

Deadline to submit your application and accompanying documents to be invited to attend the Spring Hiring Event, April 25, 2017.

“Once you have applied, your information will be vetted through our Certification Department for eligibility. Candidates who have been identified as eligible for employment will be contacted via email regarding the details of the hiring event, i.e. date, time, and location. This is a closed hiring event and only qualified and vetted individuals eligible for hire will be invited to participate,” said Ramirez.

Dawn Ramirez also explained that if someone can’t get the necessary documents by Apr. 25, they should still continue to work on getting everything submitted, because there are usually additional openings during the summer months.

“For example, we know that some college students will not have graduated in time for this round of interviews. We recommend they get their application started, that they request to have their final transcript sent to us by their university, and that they contact us as they near completion of the process,” Ramirez added.

The teachecsd page has additional information that is organized by situations:
· Education Degree Pending
· Certified in Florida
· Certified in Another State
· Teaching as a Second Career
· Substitute Teaching

Additional questions can be addressed to Jane Bell, Certification Specialist (for applicants with last names starting with A – K) 850-469-6252 or Bonnie Staples, Certification Specialist (for last names starting with L – Z) 850-469-6251.

The Escambia County School District’s Teacher Certification Office is located at 75 N. Pace Blvd.

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