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Escambia Considers Chickens

February 13, 2013

chicken, croppedLast year, the city of Pensacola passed an ordinance to accommodate the raising of chickens on residential properties inside the city limits. Now, Escambia County officials are considering the same.

During the Escambia County Commission’s Committee of the Whole tomorrow, backyard chickens will be a topic of discussion. Currently, chickens are only allowed in rural area of the county.

Tomorrow, commissioners will take a look at some proposed regulations which would allow for chickens in residential areas. The regulations are similar to those adopted by the city last year.

Proposed regulations include: property must be a minimum of one acre in size; no more than eight chickens allowed; pens, coops or enclosures must be a minimum of 50 feet from adjacent dwellings; no roosters; prohibits keeping chickens for sale; requires 30-foot property line setback.

County staff has also calculated some estimated costs involved with allowing chickens: three new animal control officers, at $38,475 each; training and certification, at $1,000-per; three additional animal control vehicles, totaling $134,505.

The county commission’s COW meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Magaha Government Building in downtown Pensacola.

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