Escambia County Public Schools Foundation: 2012 Mira Creative Arts Awards

March 22, 2012

The Escambia County Public Schools Foundation will host the 2012 Mira Creative Arts Awards program on March 29, 2012. Sixty-nine of Escambia County’s most creative high school seniors were selected as recipients of the 2012 Mira Creative Arts Awards. They will be honored at a dinner at New World Landing on March 29, 2012.

Winners will receive engraved medallions, a book scholarship from Pensacola State College, and memberships from the Pensacola Museum of Art and Artel Gallery.

Escambia High: Megan Beebe, Web Design, Instrumental Music; Nike Evers, Visual Arts; Stephen French, Instrumental Music; Brittany Horton, Vocal Music; Laura Krauss, Instrumental Music; Abigail Lord, Journalism; Monique Queen-Smith, Theatre; Andria Quinlan, Digital Multimedia; Morgan Sasser, Theatre; Andrea Marie Ulm, Culinary Art.

Northview High School: Jacob Baldwin, Instrumental Music; Joseph Baldwin, Instrumental Music; Josie Doucette, Journalism; Alissa Fiellin, Graphic Art; Cory King, Instrumental Music; Melissa Jayne Moretz, Instrumental Music; Kiani Okahashi, Visual Art; Chelsea Parham, Theatre; Justin Purvis, Theatre; Darwin Eugene (D.J.) Robinson, II, Graphic Arts.

Pensacola High School: R. J. Burns, Instrumental Music; Tiffany Chiang, Visual Art; Jessica Grandrup, Instrumental Music; Rachel Hovell, Creative Achievement; Alys Mead, Drama’ Jisung Moon, Creative Writing; Sara Omlor, Visual Art; Aaron Rogers, Instrumental Music; Carson Schmidt, Drama; Danielle K. Telhiard, Photography.

Pine Forest High School: Meagan Desirae Jean Evans, Visual Art; Giselle Collie, Orchestra; Kevin Fails, Instrumental Music; Alexander Daniel Gueits, Journalism; Catherine M. Hobbs, Culinary Arts; Anastasia Larkins, Instrumental Music; Jeremy Nelson, Theatre; Ramel Price, Orchestra; Sara Thomas, Visual Art.

Tate High School: Amber Baker, Drama; Tabetha Champitto, Chorus; Katelyn Clairain, Photography; Jacob Dearrington, Instrumental Music; Adam DiMercurio, Debate; Angela Howard, Chorus; Amanda Alzira Medeiros, Visual Art; Matthew Perez-Rex, Pottery; Chris Snyder, Instrumental Music; Victoria Veith, TV Production.

Washington High School: Nicholas C. Bridges, Vocal Music; Chelsey Domschke, Photography; Luke Evans, Drama; Gabriel Friedman, Drama; Gerard Gunner, Instrumental Music; Lindsay Riddle, Drama; Brandon Spencer, Instrumental Music; Luke C. Vest, Visual Art;
Marie Videau, Drama; Joycelyn Woods, Instrumental and Vocal Music.

West Florida High School: Kelli Brock, Instrumental Music; Lexi Buker, Journalism; T. J. Grier, Journalism; Katherine Ledbetter, Visual Art; Coral Elizabeth Molchanoff, Theatre;
Michaela Rodriguez, Instrumental Music; Julia L. Spear, Multimedia/Broadcasting;
Hunter Sport, Journalism; Jessica Brooke Touchstone, Drama; Jerrad Dusan Vunovich, Visual Art.

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  • Pat Kerrigan March 22, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Thank you so much for publishing good news about the accomplishments of these wonderful young adults from Escambia County. Congratulations to all of them for their artistic achievements.