Ever’man offers to buy old School District offices

March 17, 2011

The School Board discussed earlier this week an offer made by Ever’man Natural Foods for the old School District offices on Garden Street. Superintendent Malcolm Thomas didn’t bring the offer to the board because he thought it was too low. However, he still may do so next month without an recommendation and let the board decide.

If this happens, Thomas will be handling the Ever’man offer completely different from how he treated Friendship Missionary’s last offer for Brownsville Middle. The superintendent refused to even allow the board to see the church’s offer or discuss it. The School Board didn’t want to overrule his wishes. (Read “Rejected”).

There is a growing buzz throughout the school district about the superintendent being petty and vengeful. Teachers and principals fear reprisals if they question his decisions or speak out. If he treats Everman any different than Friendship Missionary, we will have another piece of evidence to support the rumor.

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