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Evers may still end up in District 1

March 13, 2012

Supervisor of Elections David Stafford shared that there isn’t enough population in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties to create one Florida Senate district. He said that most likely a northern portion of Okaloosa County—the area where Sen. Greg Evers lives–will have to included in District 1. Evers will be able to run, but he could be vulnerable if local Republicans can unite behind one candidate.

Evers will get considerable campaign contributions from the Tallahassee lobbyists. He has name recognition and there is no run-off in the Republican primary.

If Rep. Clay Ford decides to run for the senate seat, his House seat becomes open, creating a new set of possibilities. Pensacola City Councilwoman Megan Pratt could run the House seat that her sister once held. Diane Mack could come back and run for Pratt’s council seat. On the Democrat side, Claudia Brown Curry could run for the House seat, leaving a one-on-one match of Rev. Lutimothy May vs. Malcolm Thomas for school superintendent. If the feds open an discrimination investigation into the school district, Thomas could be vulnerable.

A rather dull local election season could get interesting very fast.

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