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Feds open investigation into Pinellas schools for discrimination; how do the failing schools in Escambia County compare

April 5, 2016

The U.S. Department of Education announced on Monday that it has opened a civil rights investigation into whether the Pinellas County School District systematically discriminates against black children by denying them access to quality teacher and courses necessary for them to be successful academically.

The announcement was triggered by a yearlong investigation by the Tampa Bay Times – “Failure Factories” – that focused on five Pinellas County schools that have declined dramatically since 2007: Campbell Park, Fairmont Park, Lakewood, Maximo and Melrose.

For 014-15 school year, Escambia County had three non-charter, failing elementary schools: Weis, Montclair and Semmes. Their scores are only slightly better, and their demographics are worse.

Note: EDS: Economically Disadvantaged Students.

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