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Final Urban Advisory Committee Meeting

October 30, 2012

The Mayor’s Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee will hold its final meeting tomorrow. Since February, the group has met in an effort to draw up a plan for fostering growth in the city of Pensacola’s downtown area.

Brian Hooper, chairman of the advisory board, said today that the committee will be going over a final report at the last meeting.

“Tomorrow we’re going to review it, make any final changes and then approve it,” Hooper said, declining to detail the report. “We’ve kept a pretty good lid on it.”

The chairman did say that the final report contained more than 75 recommendations for bettering downtown’s prospects. He said the report would contain recommendations, from which Mayor Ashton Hayward could “pick and choose the ones he likes.”

“There’s no way someone could implement all of them,” Hooper said of the recommendations.

Tomorrow’s advisory committee meeting will be held at 2 p.m. at Pensacola City Hall. The public will have an opportunity to offer their input.

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