Florida: “Political Walmart

May 9, 2007


Boston Globe DC bureau chief Peter Cannellos sees potential doom and gloom with Florida’s early primary move:

“…That’s why Florida’s move is potentially damaging. With its now-routine ballot controversies, single-issue voting blocs, and big-money media markets saturated with campaign ads, Florida is the antithesis of old-fashioned retail politics: It’s a political Wal-Mart.

“Governor Charlie Crist of Florida has declared the early primary date would give his state its “rightful place near the front of the line.” But as the last two elections have shown, Florida doesn’t need to move its primary to play a big role in presidential politics. And the early voting states don’t need Florida to help winnow the field. ”

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I fear we will end of with two mediocre candidates…or who one’s that the press discovers have issues and problems that aren’t readily apparent in Jan 2008.

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