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Former city administrator applies for CMPA board opening

October 14, 2013

reynolds, 3:12
Former City Administrator Bill Reynolds has sent an email to the Pensacola City Council requesting to be appointed to the Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees.

“I have a 30 year career of distinguished public service, and a great deal of knowledge regarding the City of Pensacola,” wrote Reynolds. “I would like to use my drive and determination to do what I can to assist the city in realizing its potential.”

In the resume that he attached to the email, Reynolds took credit for “redesigning the fire department” that added 13 firefighters, increased service delivery and resolved “multiple layers of management dysfunction.”

He wrote that he led the “major consolidation and reorganization efforts in the Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Neighborhood Services, Finance, Public Works and Engineering departments, in order to achieve operational efficiencies and reduce financial pressures on a shrinking general fund.”

He negotiated the transfer of the West Florida Regional Library system to Escambia County and culled $4.6 million from the Pensacola International Airport
operational budget following revelations of financial issues that resulted in a negative impact to the organizational bond rating.

He conducted significant review of Technology Resources Department that led to new organization leadership and the development of a focus on customer service.

He successfully reconstituted a non-profit for oversight of the Veteran’s Memorial Park following revelations of significant financial irregularities with former organization. Formed the initial committee and moved the new organization to a non-profit status over a six-month period.

The Pensacola City Council should be intimately familiar with Reynolds. He was the point person for the mayor with the council for nearly two years, from August 2011 to July 2013. It will be interesting to see if they are willing to bring him back into city government.

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Less we forget:
The fire department has had an acting chief for the past three years. Mayor Hayward has not submitted to the council anyone for the position. City literature lists Matt Schmitt as the fire chief but he has not been approved by the city council.

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