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Former city administrator applies for CMPA board opening

October 14, 2013

reynolds, 3:12
Former City Administrator Bill Reynolds has sent an email to the Pensacola City Council requesting to be appointed to the Community Maritime Park Associates Board of Trustees.

“I have a 30 year career of distinguished public service, and a great deal of knowledge regarding the City of Pensacola,” wrote Reynolds. “I would like to use my drive and determination to do what I can to assist the city in realizing its potential.”

In the resume that he attached to the email, Reynolds took credit for “redesigning the fire department” that added 13 firefighters, increased service delivery and resolved “multiple layers of management dysfunction.”

He wrote that he led the “major consolidation and reorganization efforts in the Community Redevelopment Agency, and the Neighborhood Services, Finance, Public Works and Engineering departments, in order to achieve operational efficiencies and reduce financial pressures on a shrinking general fund.”

He negotiated the transfer of the West Florida Regional Library system to Escambia County and culled $4.6 million from the Pensacola International Airport
operational budget following revelations of financial issues that resulted in a negative impact to the organizational bond rating.

He conducted significant review of Technology Resources Department that led to new organization leadership and the development of a focus on customer service.

He successfully reconstituted a non-profit for oversight of the Veteran’s Memorial Park following revelations of significant financial irregularities with former organization. Formed the initial committee and moved the new organization to a non-profit status over a six-month period.

The Pensacola City Council should be intimately familiar with Reynolds. He was the point person for the mayor with the council for nearly two years, from August 2011 to July 2013. It will be interesting to see if they are willing to bring him back into city government.

Read WHR Resume
Less we forget:
The fire department has had an acting chief for the past three years. Mayor Hayward has not submitted to the council anyone for the position. City literature lists Matt Schmitt as the fire chief but he has not been approved by the city council.

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  • jeeperman October 16, 2013 at 11:16 am

    Pensacola and Escambia County sure has an ability to keep and recycle politicians and local gooberment upper management types. Even the ones that are initially hired from afar stick around.
    When they get booted from office they stay in the area and try to get elected or hired to any other office that might work for them.
    Is it the large variety of chemicals in ECUA’s water or what?

  • brian October 15, 2013 at 8:50 pm

    In the resume that he attached to the email, Reynolds took credit for “redesigning the fire department” that added 13 firefighters, increased service delivery and resolved “multiple layers of management dysfunction.”

    What is he talking about? Adding 13 positions back that were already taken. This still doesn’t bring the numbers back to where they need used to be at.

    Increased service delivery. What is this? Haven’t seen any new services such as advanced life support or any of the other things the city promised.

    Multiple layers of management dysfunction. Again, what did he do here? Still there is no chief after 3 1/2 years.

  • Charles Bare October 14, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    I was shocked to receive an email from someone named William Reynolds requesting an appointment to the CMPA. I wasn’t sure if it was genuine or not (I am still not). I had to read the name a couple of times before I could comprehend what I was being asked to do.

    It brought back memories of his actions while serving as City Administrator. His treatment of council members was disrespectful and sometimes downright rude. There is no way I would subject the citizens of our city to anymore of that behavior. Safe to say…. I will not nominate him.


  • CJ Lewis October 14, 2013 at 11:12 am

    This item would have been more appropriate for inclusion in the April Fools’ Day edition of the Independent Weekly. Reynolds’ assignment to the CMPA Board may have been what he was discussing over lunch with Quint Studer.

    It is very hard to imagine that the City Council would ever appoint into such an important position a person like Reynolds who does not enjoy the trust and confidence of even Mayor Ashton Hayward let alone so many current and former members of the City Council. Senior City staff previously told me they had no confidence in Reynolds. Whether the City Council should appoint Reynolds to the CMPA Board would be a good question for WEAR Channel 3 to ask the public as a “Question of the Day.”

    The CMPA Board meets this Wednesday. A 12, 13 or 14 person Board – and the CMPA’s Second Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation only authorize a 12 person Board – is a mob. On Wednesday, the CMPA Board should vote to amend and restate its Articles of Incorporation reducing the size of its Board to a number less than 12.

    The number seven, the number of City Council districts, and the number of City Council members when the At-Large “A” and “B” City Council seats are incrementally abolished, seems about the ultimate right size for the CMPA Board. Simply by deciding to do so, each City Council member could eventually be authorized to make one direct appointment the CMPA Board.

    On the other hand, and an option often discussed by some CMPA Trustees, fed up with the City in general and Hayward in particular monkeying around in its business and disregarding its directions, is for the CMPA Board to take back the power to appoint its own Trustees. The City has no legal right to appoint the Trustees of the CMPA Board. CMPA Board Executive Director has many times told City Council members and CMPA Trustees that the CMPA can revoke at any time its grant of this authority to the City.

    Whatever the CMPA does, with or without the blessing of the City Council or Hayward, the appointment of someone like Reynolds, who so openly despises the people of Pensacola, the most flagrant incident being when he slandered and libeled former Councilwoman Diane Mack seeming to take great pleasure in doing so, would be a step backwards for this community.

    Reynolds needs to send his resume back to Cheyenne, Wyoming, as he did when he was job hunting in 2011 while on paid medical leave from his Washtenaw County, supposedly tending to his war wounds, and then again when he was working here in Pensacola, in hopes that they may have a “do over” position there for him. Earlier this year, Reynolds told at least one Council member that he is a “mercenary” when explaining why he planned to leave before Hayward’s four-year term of office was up. Reynolds was fired by Hayward before he could quit on Pensacola.

    As for his so-called accomplishments, Reynolds needs to explain why Escambia County relieved the City of Pensacola of its burden to help fund the West Florida Public Library System, with all city property owners now forced to pay a new tax to support the library system, yet Reynolds did not insist that Hayward recommend to the City Council a corresponding reduction in the city’s ad valorem property tax rate.

    Moreover, Reynolds has never explained why he provided sensitive city documents to former Councilwoman Maren DeWeese as part of Reynolds’ very organized campaign to slime former Chief of Staff John Asmar. Unlike Reynolds, DeWeese had the decency to redact the name of the alleged victim of Asmar’s alleged affections before posting it on her blog.

    Someone – either Reynolds or Derek Cosson acting under orders from Reynolds (presumably with the explicit or tacit approval of Hayward) – anonymously sent out those same documents at the same time by e-mail to many people to include me. One person even very ironically forwarded the documents the next morning to Reynolds to ensure he knew that someone was leaking documents printed from Reynolds’ own printer. You cannot make this stuff up.

    The City of Pensacola should cut its losses with Reynolds. It is time to begin to restore character and integrity in City Hall. Hayward should come right out and recommend that the City Council not appoint Reynolds. If he will not do so, or let Tamara Fountain say it for him, it may be because Reynolds has “dirty laundry” on Hayward that he does not want aired in public before the 2014 election.