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Gaetz believes second counsel still possible [podcast]

November 15, 2017

Congressman Matt Gaetz believes that it’s still possible that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appoint a second special counsel to investigate the Fusion GPS Dossier and the Uranium One deal.

“What he said is that he would not discuss any potential ongoing investigation,” said Gaetz on “Pensacola Speaks” 1370 WCOA. “And then when Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio and I were pushing very strenuously for him to appoint a special counsel to investigate particularly the Fusion GPS Dossier and the Uranium One deal, he said, ‘Well, I’ve got to make the decision that there’s enough evidence to do that.'”

He added, “I don’t believe that he ruled it out, but he also declined to indicate that he was going to appoint a special counsel…I didn’t feel as though the Attorney General was at his best when it came to providing thorough answers and I’m hoping in the coming days and weeks, we can get a little more action of out the Department of Justice, particularly on these Rule of Law issues where the United States’ uranium assets may have been compromised.”

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