Gonzalez is dying, petitions parole board to be released

March 24, 2015

Leonard Gonzalez, Sr., who was convicted for his part in the July 2009 murders of Bud and Melanie Billings, will have a hearing tomorrow before the parole board, now known as Florida Commission on Offender Review. He is seeking to be released from the state prison because he has less than one year to live.

Inweekly spoke with State Attorney Bill Eddins who said his office has been told that Gonzalez is in a wheelchair and needs assistant for daily living. Eddins said the Asst. State Attorney John Molchan, who prosecuted the case, will speak out against the petition. Ashley Markham, the daughter of the victims, is expected to attend the hearing, also.

“The board usually gives their decision as soon as the hearing is over,” said Eddins. “Rarely do they grant them, especially in crimes as violent as these.”

The hearing is around 9 a.m. on Wednesday. Eddins will issue a press release as soon as the decision is made.

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