GOP has own flip-flop candidate – Romney

March 3, 2007

‘For Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the transition from moderate, gay-friendly, abortion-tolerating Massachusetts governor to a certified social conservative isn’t going smoothly. YouTube and Google have exposed Romney’s shifting policy positions and relatively recent history of liberal behavior.

In 1992, he voted for Democrat Paul Tsongas in the presidential primary.

In a 1994 debate, he promised to be better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy and spoke movingly about why abortion should be safe and legal. Today? He’s hyperpartisan, pro-life, and hostile to gay marriage.

Last year, he worked with Democrats to enact universal health care in Massachusetts. Today, his campaign Web site’s health-care page doesn’t even mention it. (Slate Magazine article).

  • Heather March 3, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    Oh puleeeze. They have more than ONE flip-flop candidate. Try three at least. Check out McCain in 2000 vs. McCain now. And Rudy in 2000 vs. now. The pandering is overwhelming. Or should I say underwhelming.