GOP show united front

February 20, 2007

Ford Sign

The Republican Party of Florida paid for a mailer to Gulf Breeze voters to help them vote by mail.

The message – “One voice. One party. One vote.”  Includes a letter from Gov. Charlie Crist – “I congratulate Tom Banjanin, Lynn (should be one “n”) Hart and George Scarborough and their supporters for their terrific campaigns. Now is the time for us to be united and support Clay Ford on February 27th.”

Will it work?….

I doubt that Hart, Banjanin, Scarborough voters will switch to Campbell, but will they vote at all?  Expect a lower turnout than the primary. Sad to say, but people are tired of voting. However, I do believe that Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Christian will vote so Ford still has the advantage in the general election.

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