Gunshot suspect missing?

December 27, 2011

Attorney Gene Mitchell and the older sister of Robert Donson, the man shot by Pensacola Police Officer Shawn Thompson, are at Baptist Hospital to see Donson. The family has been denied access to Donson since Friday evening and couldn’t even find out what room the man is in.

I just got a phone call from Mitchell who is there to see his client and he has been told by Baptist Hospital staff that Donson is no longer at the hospital. PPD says he is.

Family members believe that Donson has been interviewed by PPD and FDLE without the benefit of his attorney. Mitchell is trying to get Donson so that Donson can evoke his rights in writing and sign a Power of Attorney so that his sister can help, should Donson become incapacitated.

The family has only the word of PPD as to the condition of Robert Donson.

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