Hayward announces ‘International’ Wahoo Parking Lots

April 2, 2012

Press Release: Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, in conjunction with the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, announced today that there are thousands of parking spaces within a 10-minute walk of the Community Maritime Park. Those attending Blue Wahoo home games are encouraged to plan ahead and be prepared to pay a small fee at lots and garages and to walk a short distance to the park. Further details are below and online at

“More than 9,500 parking spaces throughout downtown will be available for games and events at the Community Maritime Park,” said Hayward. “These events will be just like festivals and big events at the Civic Center. Not everyone will be able to park onsite, but there’s plenty of parking within a short walk of the park.”

FREE ON-STREET PARKING: Because all Blue Wahoos games are scheduled to take place after 5:00 PM or on weekends and holidays, all 6,983 on-street parking spaces throughout Downtown Pensacola will be free. There are an additional 2,631 spaces available in lots and garages throughout downtown.

PARKING LOTS: There are numerous paid public lots around the stadium with inexpensive parking for as little as $3.00, and free parking is available at three public lots.

1. City Hall Parking Lot: Where: Main & Spring • Walk: 5 minutes • Cost: $7
2. Judicial Center Parking Garage: Where: Main & Baylen • Walk: 5 minutes • Cost: $3
3. Chappie James Parking Lot: Where: Government & Spring • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $3
4. Government Street Parking Lot: Where: Government between Spring & Baylen • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $3
5. Intendencia Street Parking Garage: Where: Intendencia & Baylen • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $3
6. Baylen Street Parking Lot: Where: Baylen & Intendencia • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $3
7. State Parking Lot: Where: Romana & Devilliers / Intendencia & Reus • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $5
8. School District Parking Lot: Where: Spring between Romana & Garden • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $3
9. Jefferson Street Parking Garage: Where: Jefferson & Romana • Walk: 15 minutes • Cost: $3
10. PNJ Park & Ride Shuttle*: Where: Intendencia & Jefferson • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: $2
11. Plaza de Luna Parking Lot: Where: Jefferson & Pine • Walk: 10 minutes • Cost: FREE
12. South Jefferson Street Parking Lot: Where: Jefferson between Cedar & Gimble • Walk: 10 min. • Cost: FREE
13. S. Tarragona Street Parking Lot: Where: Tarragona between Zarragossa & Main • Walk: 10 min. • Cost: FREE

PARKING LOT ATTENDANTS: All city-operated parking lots will be staffed before and after the game to provide security and direct orderly parking, pedestrian traffic to the stadium and post-game departure of vehicles.

STADIUM DROP-OFFS: Those who have elderly or handicapped passengers to drop off should enter the stadium at Devilliers Street, drop off at the front of the stadium, and exit on the Spring Street side. After the game, officers will be stationed at Devilliers and Main and at the front of the stadium to direct vehicles for passenger pickup.

SHUTTLE BUSES: Drop-off and pick-up locations for those using shuttle buses will be on both Spring Street and Reus Street near Main.

OBSERVE PARKING REGULATIONS: The Pensacola Police Department and City of Pensacola Code Enforcement will be closely monitoring the parking situation as baseball season begins to ensure safety, ease of access, and compliance with all parking regulations. Motorists are encouraged to utilize only marked on-street spaces, lots, and garages, and to refrain from blocking driveways or parking on sidewalks, medians, or other prohibited areas.

See 30 second parking video click here.

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