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Hayward cans Zimmerman Agency

February 4, 2013

PNJ reporter Nate Monroe is reporting that Mayor Ashton Hayward has sent a termination letter to his Tallahassee-based ad agency. Effective Feb. 28, The Zimmerman Ad Agency will no longer do the marketing for the City of Pensacola.

Last week, I reported on the State Auditor’s report on the mishandling of bed tax and BP marketing by the Okaloosa County Tourism Development Council, for which Zimmerman handled the marketing.

Yesterday, I wrote about the pending investigation by the Okaloosa County Commission of more allegations against how the ad agency may have mishandled funds.

Today, Hayward tells the daily newspaper that he is firing them. We, of course, were not included on the announcement. Lol.

While the ad agency is getting the boot, the “Upside” logo is staying, according to unnamed city sources.

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