Hayward drops out of BLAB TV production, but show will go on

April 23, 2014

From Tamara Fountain, City Communications Administrator:

Statement by Mayor Ashton Hayward on BLAB TV show

I’m proud of the hard work that the City and its incredible workforce are doing every day for the citizens of Pensacola. The concept of the of the BLAB TV program was to highlight those efforts and the people who make it happen so that our citizens can be better informed and proud of the City’s efforts on their behalf.

Unfortunately, it’s been incorrectly reported that I was going to host or “star” in this program. It’s no secret that I am running for re-election and that makes me the target for attacks. But these political attacks should not extend to our valued employees and their efforts on the citizens’ behalf. Rather than having my opponents try to score cheap political points by deflecting from the good work the City is doing, I will not be participating in the TV program this year. Instead, the program will move forward without my involvement and showcase the great projects, programs, and services the City provides. I will, however, do all I can to draw attention to the tremendous progress our city has made and that, together, we are moving Pensacola upward.


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  • jeeperman April 24, 2014 at 7:01 am

    If the statement posted is verbatim, then the words used indicate that his original plan was to host the show himself.
    Now after getting flak, he is backtracking and trying to say he was not going to be on the show.
    “I will not” and “instead” indicate a change.
    Not “I never was going to”.

  • Wayne April 23, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Rick this is bull you no what. The person that just saved the city over $600,000 a year in pension cost has not heard one word from the mayor.

  • CJ Lewis April 23, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    What a load of you know what. E-mails attached to the contract and now posted to Maren DeWeese’s website clearly show – in the words of people working directly for Hayward – that this show has to be done before the August 26 Primary Election. For a guy who always chants “Perception is Reality” Hayward sure is tone-deaf.

    Hayward ends – “…we are moving upward.” I guess that means he will not be voting YES in November to adopt “The City of Five Flags” as the official motto and logo of the City of Pensacola. I am very confident that this is one of the Charter Amendments the Council will want to discuss during its July Charter Workshop and put on the November ballot alone with Councilman Johnson’s proposal to reduce the Council by two more District seats. As Charter Review Commission Chairwoman Crystal Spencer so well put it back in 2009, “Let the people vote!”