Hayward wants to change his homeless ordinance

February 7, 2014

Though Mayor Ashton Hayward fails to mention last year’s homeless ordinances came from his office and places blame on the city council, he appears ready to right those wrongs.

He credits prayer and personal reflection as the key to his change of mind.

Sadly he doesn’t give Councilwoman Sheri Myers credit for putting the issue on next week’s agenda.

This is from his latest “Upwords:”

Last year, in an effort to protect the aesthetics, public health, and safety of our community, the City Council adopted an ordinance which prohibits camping on public property.

Next week, the Council will consider amending that ordinance to remove the prohibition on the use of cover while sleeping outdoors. Over the past year, my staff and I have continued to monitor this issue. We’ve met with advocates like Nathan Monk and John Johnson.

After reflecting and praying on this issue, I support the change that is currently before the Council.

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