Helicopters back up

March 28, 2011

Press Release: Sheriff David Morgan announced today that the Sheriff’s helicopter will be brought back into operation on a limited basis.

The Sheriff’s Office has received a grant that will allow the helicopter unit to respond to violent felonies and life threatening situations. The service is expected to begin again on Tuesday, March 29.

Sheriff Morgan grounded the Sheriff’s helicopter unit in February 2009 citing the $800,000 price tag as being cost prohibitive.

“We were able to obtain limited funding in the form of a grant that will allow us to use the helicopter to assist in our efforts to reduce violent crimes,” said Sheriff’s spokesperson Deputy Chris Welborn. “The helicopter crew will be available for call out, but only for the most serious situations.”

In the past, the helicopter was very effective in locating criminals on the run, lost children and elderly adults and drowning victims.

“The helicopter is an effective tool, and as long as grant funding is available we will continue to use the helicopter on a limited basis,” said Sheriff Morgan.

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