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Hugh King campaign uses slam website

April 10, 2012

Hugh King, former Pensacola City Councilman, former pastor of Greater Union Baptist Church, former CMPA trustee, former Democratic candidate and currently prefiled NPA candidate for Escambia County Commission, District 3, wants to continue the attack on Democratic candidate Lumon May. A new slam website has been created, “cleverly” named “”

The site was created on Saturday, April 7 (after King was arrested, nine days after he allegedly struck May) through a proxy service.

On the site, the claim is made that Hugh King is so powerful and such a formidable opponent that Lumon May has to get him out of the race. Lol! Hugh King hasn’t even qualified to run yet. If he ever gathered enough signatures or raised enough money for the filing fee, then King would not face May until the general election—and that’s only if May wins the Democratic primary.

Hugh King came to the Trayvon Martin event smelling of alcohol. He lost his temper because he was getting any attention. If he had any witnesses to prove his tale, then surely King would have posted their statements to his slam website.

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