Hurricane questions for SOC Blab TV Show

August 27, 2006

SOC FairchildMarty, Charlie and whoever they add to their show tonight will undoubtably try to take advantage of Hurricane Ernesto. Expect them to speak about how unwise it is to build on the waterfront. And maybe about the need to move the Main Street Sewage Treatment Plant.

Here are few questions:

Marty: How did your brother’s office building (Baskerville Donovan Engineers) fair during Hurricane Dennis?

Charlie: When you sold your office on south Palafox Street did you warn the buyer not to build anything on the property because Pensacola Bay was a block away?

Marty, Charlie: Your biggest financial backer lives in Port Royal on Pensacola Bay have you told him that he’s a fool for living there? Did you tell him to move?

The fact is the Community Maritime Park will be built to the new code and will withstand hurricane force winds better than most Pensacola buildings.

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