IN Your Head Radio Jan. 16 guests: Cradle of Aviation, Sexual Assaults in the Military, Prison Reform

January 16, 2014

Maureen Keillor, co-author of the recently published “Image of Aviation, Naval Air Station Pensacola.”
The base is celebrating its 100th birthday. This book has more than 200 images that commemorate the the birth of the “Cradle of Aviation.”

Paula Coughlin
The number of sexual assaults in the military continue to rise. Paula was a lieutenant in the United States Navy and was a whistleblower who played a role in opening investigations into what was known as the “Tailhook scandal”.

Allison DeFoor
Allison is chairman of the Florida State University Project on Accountable Justice (PAJ) is to advance public safety through evidence-based practices and policies in Florida and beyond. He is an expert on prison reform.

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