Is Bergosh back on PNJ forums?

January 8, 2008

Since Escambia County school board member Jeff Bergosh admitted he was the infamous Godzilla on the daily newspaper’s website, there is a new anonymous commenter on the site that goes by the name “King Richard.” He claims to be from Tallahassee, but seems to be a big fan of Bergosh – often telling readers to visit Bergosh’s website, jeffbergosh.net.

Surely, Bergosh wouldn’t be so stupid. Check it out and see what you think.

Here is one email:

Schneider and crew prove again to fail to grasp the full import of the decision made by the Board. While I understand that due to time constraints, such cursory news reporting to be the touchstone of the TV media, I expect in depth, thoughtful reporting from the print media. I guess the PNJ has reached its zenith and is truly a “mean” paper (there are two denotations here and pun Schneider…get it).
Jeff Bergosh gives insight to the vote last night and proves to be magnanimous, which is a concept and trait Schneider and crew fail to apprehend.

King Richard
King Richard

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