Is it safe now to say Mayor Hayward is not giving a State of the City address

October 2, 2013

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In June, I posted on this blog that the buzz around city hall was that Mayor Ashton Hayward was not giving a State of the City address to outline his vision for the city and how his budget helps make that vision a reality.

Hayward gave such speeches in August 2011 and June 2012. The speeches were how the mayor introduced his budgets to the city council and the public.

Shortly after I posted that buzz, I got this curt email from the Mayor’s former press secretary, Derek Cosson, on June 19:


A member of the media has advised me that you have published on your blog a report that the mayor will not be delivering a State of the City address this year. As the mayor will in fact be doing so, your report is untrue and we would ask that you promptly correct your error. I’m not sure why you would publish such a statement without a simple call or email inquiring as to its accuracy.


Three and half months later, no State of the City.

Buzz is buzz–most of the time it’s accurate, sometimes it’s nothing more than a rumor and doesn’t pan out. This time the buzz was indeed accurate.

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