BP Disaster

Just in time for the oil sheen, BP has a new ad

September 2, 2011

Press Release: BP has launched a new series of ads designed to promote tourism along the Gulf Coast.
The ads feature spokespersons from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida who represent their communities as small business owners, community leaders and “tourism ambassadors.” They are volunteers who want to make sure the message gets out that the Gulf is open for business and they welcome visitors to enjoy the beaches and other attractions throughout the Gulf Coast.
As part of its commitment to the Gulf Coast, BP also has given $170 million in grants to help revitalize tourism, an essential part of the Gulf Coast economy.
The campaign includes TV and radio ads encouraging tourists to visit the Gulf. The ads will run in many markets across America beginning in late-August.
The ads are intended to encourage tourists to vacation on the Gulf. The spokespeople and others in the ads are real people and visitors to the Gulf who wanted to show the conditions and attractions as they are today – open for business and ready to welcome back visitors.

“Voices from the Gulf: Great Vacation”
What’s the best place for a Gulf Coast vacation? Is it the great outdoors of Mississippi? The fresh seafood and fun of Louisiana? Maybe it’s sugar-white beaches of Florida! Or the beautiful shoreline of Alabama. We may never agree on what the best place is, but there’s one thing that we can all agree on: wherever you vacation on the Gulf Coast, you’re sure to have a great time! Great seafood. Beautiful beaches. Fun for the whole family. The Gulf is the world’s good-time headquarters, and we’re 100% open for business, 100% open for fun.

“Voices from the Gulf: Best Place”
What’s the best part about a Gulf Coast vacation? Is it the Great Outdoors of Mississippi? The fresh seafood in Louisiana? The pristine beaches of Florida? Maybe it’s the beauty of Alabama. The Gulf Coast means something different, something special for each of us. But there’s one thing that we can all agree on: the Gulf Coast is the world’s good-time headquarters and its #1 vacation spot. There. We’re glad we settled that.

My Gulf: Dawn Moliterno, Executive Director, South Walton Tourism Development Council
Meet Dawn Moliterno, who fell in love with Miramar Beach while visiting for work. Her passion for the area was so great that she moved her family from Ohio to the beaches of South Walton. She cares so deeply about the water and beaches of South Walton that she became the Executive Director of the Walton Tourism Development Council.

My Gulf: Ron Hardy
This is the story of Ron Hardy’s Gulf. A music aficionado and longtime educator in the State of Florida, Ron was looking for a way to enjoy his retirement while, at the same time, give back to the community that he loves. His answer was found at Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach. It’s here that he spends each day, surrounded by the smiles of visitors who learn about and enjoy the fascinating marine creatures and birds who make the park their home. For Ron, days spent here are about having a good time, about sharing the treasures of the coast he loves.

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