Kazoo, Blue Wahoos mascot

March 16, 2012

In a celebratory public ceremony held at Elebash Jewlers during Gallery Night on Friday night in downtown Pensacola, FL, the Blue Wahoos announced the winning name of the team’s official mascot as chosen through a fan vote facilitated by the Pensacola News Journal. The name that was chosen by a slim margin was Kazoo beating out the other five finalist names.
“Kazoo was a huge hit,” said Blue Wahoos vice president of community relations, Julie Borshak. “He has a very unique design and he’s extremely eye catching with his bright colors which we kept consistent with the team’s color scheme. Kazoo will be a great fixture in this wonderful community.”
Fans have been voting at various locations around the area, online and through ballots circulated in the PNJ since March 2. Over 1,500 people participated by voting on their favorite name. The other five finalists were Blu, Capt. Catch, Salty, Sinker and Ono.
Kazoo’s costume is a fictional aquatic creature. He has webbed feet, fins for ears and he is sporting a stylish Blue Wahoos cap. Kazoo’s first order of business was to mingle with fans in attendance at Gallery Night. Kazoo will represent the Blue Wahoos at community appearances including school visits, charity events and festivals all in addition to interacting with fans every night at Pensacola’s brand new bay-front stadium.

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  • Gunter Haas March 17, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    I have been very impressed with the level of support our new team has received from the bigs. Everything seems first rate. I was not so much impressed by the mascot itself as I was by the way he was rolled out. Everything about this team seems very classy, I just hope the public sticks with them when the Wahoos don’t win every single home game.

    I was delighted to learn our home opener is against the Biscuits, which has to be the stoopidest name in sports! If a Wahoo can’t eat a Biscuit, then God help us all.

    Play ball!