2012 Presidential Race

Keys to voting smoothly

November 5, 2012

The Florida League of Women Voters offers these tips:

First, verify your polling location. Your precinct site may have changed, so check with your local Supervisor of Elections office in advance to be sure you head to the right location. You must vote at your correct precinct, or your vote will not count. The only exception to this is to use an in-person absentee ballot at your Supervisor of Elections office. Contact information, along with a wealth of other election information, is available at the League’s BeReadytoVote website.

Second, be sure to have a photo ID with you. This does not need to have your current address.

Third, to save time in the voting booth, study your ballot and make your decisions in advance. You can find a ballot customized to your county at BeReadytoVote.org.

Fourth, check your local weather forecast. With rain and chilly temperatures predicted in parts of Florida tomorrow, you may need an umbrella and sweater.

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