Leading chamber candidate hired Visit Pensacola ad agency

June 9, 2013

While there appears to be a rush to judgment to blame the BOHAN ad agency and its $278,000 30-second spot on Steve Hayes, the new tourism vice president for the Greater Pensacola Chamber, many are overlooking that it was Terry Scruggs that guided the process that hired the Nashville-based agency and who worked on the firm’s 2012-13 budget.

And Scruggs is the one the chamber wants to hire to run the organization, on an interim basis, while it searches for a new president to replace Jim Hizer, whose contract ends August 15.

Scruggs didn’t pick BOHAN, but he was the interim vice president who ran Visit Pensacola when a subcommittee of the Tourism Administration and Convention Committee (TACC) selected BOHAN Advertising out of Nashville, Tenn., and Majority Opinion Research out of Atlanta to provide Visit Pensacola with advertising/public relations and research services, respectively.

Scruggs worked on the agency’s budget for Visit Pensacola that began Oct. 1, 2012.

In an announcement that was released June 2012 on the selection of BOHAN, Scruggs said, “We are committed to taking tourism in the Pensacola Bay Area to the next level in innovative and creative ways through an integrated research-based marketing and advertising program.”

People want to point the finger at Hizer and Hayes. Maybe they are looking in the wrong direction.

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  • Oliver Mercado June 13, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    Its NOT ABOUT Bohan’s capabilities but its more about the total cost of the bill for a 30sec TV spot that has no technical issues, backed by research BUT THE creative, content and message that it also presents doesn’t fit the overall message the BOHAN claims to be selling. Sure its only 1 TV spot but this sets the precedence for the next 3 years with BOHAN and more millions of $$$ to spent. How can any in their right mind let this happen and go on. IMHO 20+ years in the advertising and production industry business (national and international award winning work) to be completely outrageous and super ultra inflated, obscene and appalled on so many levels. The $270K bill is PRODUCTION ONLY, not media buys which currently is another $500K so far but can reach up to $1.5 million by end of year (purchased and approved quarterly after proof of performance compared to previous year numbers). THING ABOUT THIS…HBO’s Game of Thrones 10-episodes per season of $70 million, shot on 3 continents simulatenously with celebrity, scripted stars/cast, hundreds of extra’s, feature film production crews ONLY COSTS $64,000 per 30 sec to produce.

  • George Hawthorne June 11, 2013 at 10:22 am


    The state statute is under Title XI not Title IX (typo error).

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