Lt. Gov. Carroll stays for MLK parade

January 20, 2013


Lt. Governor Carroll to Participate in Martin Luther King Jr.
Parade in Pensacola

Tallahassee, Fla. – On Monday, January 21, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll will participate in the Pensacola Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade.

WHAT: Pensacola MLK Day Parade

WHEN: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 29 South Spring Street
Pensacola, Florida

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  • CJ Lewis January 22, 2013 at 6:52 am

    In Monday’s daily, Lieutenant Governor Carroll is quoted saying, “To see the advancement and the diversity of the business entities, and what’s also neat is to see the diversity of the business owners. To see so many female business owners in one section of the state is really refreshing.”

    As Interim DIB Executive Director Sandra Ward and District 6 Councilman Brian Spencer were putting the hogwash spin on Lieutant Governor Carroll – “It’s basically because we’re all working together.” – they failed to mention one of Mayor Ashton Hayward’s many broken laws.

    The Downtown Improvement Board was created in 1972 by the Florida Legislature. Appointments made to it are subject to Florida Statute §760.80 Minority Representation on Boards, Commissions, Councils and Committees. The City Council is the Local Governing Authority for the DIB, a dependent special district of the City equivalent to being its own quasi-municipality like the CRA.

    The Charter for the City of Pensacola was passed by voters on November 24, 2009. This and the last two Councils have shamefully refused to review and request the Florida Legislature amend the Related Special Acts in the City Code. An entire part of the City Code does not conform to the new Charter. Council members, led by P.C. Wu always eager to kow-tow to Hayward, are lazy fools always eager to neglect their duty so long as they get paid the same each month. A nine member Council remains an unaccountable mob.

    One of those Acts never reviewed after the Charter was approved by voters is the DIB Act. Going back to Mayor Eugene Elebash in 1972, the Presiding Officer of the Council made six appointments to the DIB confirmed by the Council. Council President Maren DeWeese made the first appointment to the DIB under the city’s new Mayor-Council form of government. Mayor Hayward then strong-armed the legislative power away.

    The terrified Council refuses to even consider reviewing the DIB Act for fear of offending Hayward. The DIB Board members all seem to live in fear of Hayward too. I have never heard a single person associated with the DIB stand before the Council and demand they do their duty reviewing and asking the Florida Legislature to amend the DIB Act, even just to change five mentions of Mayor to Council President reflecting our new Mayor-Council form of government. The Council might as well ask the Florida Legislature to dissolve the DIB.

    On page 17 of the Urban Redevelopment Advisory Committee (URAC) report, Hayward had this language inserted into the final version of the report, “With a strong mayor form of government, the Mayor’s power to select DIB Board Members places control of the DIB with the Mayor.” Not according to the DIB Act. Further, while the Council can remove a DIB member, the Mayor cannot. The word “Mayor” only appears five times in the 5,600 word document.

    For so long as Hayward temporarily remains the DIB’s Appointing Authority, he is subject to Florida Statue §760.80. Just as Hayward refuses to acknowledge the authority of so many City laws adopted by the City Council in his role as the governing body of the City, Hayward refuses to acknowledge his need to comply with Florida Statue §760.80.

    When this issue last arose during the appointment of John Peacock to the DIB, City Administrator Bill Reynolds speaking in defense of Peacock, who once hysterically lectured the City Council – “You don’t govern! adding “You guys are not in charge anymore!” – Reynolds said that Mayor Hayward’s decision whom to appoint to the DIB was wholly his “preogative.”

    The DIB Board has five, very white male members. By one estimate, at least 40% of the businesses in the DIB area are owned by women. No one seems to know or care about the percentage of women among the electors of the DIB. At least two, and maybe three of the DIB Board members should be women, if Hayward complied with Florida Statute §760.80. He will not, perhaps because strong women scare him.

    When this issue came up, non-leaders of the African-American community like Councilman John Jerralds didn’t much care. I think the DIB is going to go away but if it expands, and if it expands to the northwest to increase the number of African-American electors, lets hope Council Vice-President Jewel Cannada-Wynn and Councilman Gerald Wingate care.

    I was thinking of sending a letter to State Senator Gaetze asking if Hayward’s compliance with multiple State laws he disregards is mandatory or optional. I’ll be sure to include Lieutanent Governor Carroll on distribution for a copy so she is better informed when she comes back for her next visit.

    On that point, Lieutenant Governor Carroll might want to venture north of Cervantes Street where most of us live. Uptown Penacacola is the economic engine of the city and region centered around Sacred Heart Hospital.

    • Rick Outzen January 22, 2013 at 7:40 am

      I can see it now: “Lt. Gov Carroll, let us show you our mall.” How impressive! LOL

  • Ross Calloway January 20, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    Guess you can add the Lt. Gov. into the Winners column for this: