Mayor Hayward continues to dodge journalists

November 2, 2017

Today, PNJ reporter Joe Baucum reports on how Council President Brian Spencer would like to see the Pensacola City Council handle the Bruce Beach fish hatchery.

Mayor Hayward again was unavailable to answer any questions. Baucum reported, “On Wednesday, Hayward could not be reached by the News Journal for his response to Spencer’s desire to relocate the hatchery to the port.”

Inweekly believes it is time that Mayor Hayward hold a press conference and answer questions about the fish hatchery and the future of the Port of Pensacola. The citizen also need to know about what he plans to do about the Confederate monument. People want to discuss the Bayview Community Center with the mayor.

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  • Jim Schmitz November 5, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Has anyone looked at the previous studies of the Port? Seems Jerry Maygarden led an effort some 15 years ago and it ended up a dust collector.

  • CJ Lewis November 2, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Several years back, the City Council directed the preparation of a port study to include looking at alternative uses. During the 2016 budget workshop, Port Director Amy Miller was asked about the study and said that she had not done the study wanting to wait for a good news story. Councilwoman Myers moved some money around in the 2017 budget to pay for a port study, again. We are now into the Fiscal Year 2018 budget year. Where is the port study? Perhaps someone will raise the issue during next Thursday’s regular Council meeting.