McDermott files of Santa Rosa County Commission seat

October 14, 2013

Press Release: Navarre business operator Andrea McDermott has filed to run for the Santa Rosa County Commission, District 4 seat.

McDermott is a Community Association Manager for seven properties in Santa Rosa County, including five on Navarre Beach. They include Beachview, By The Sea, Caribbean Resort, Emerald Surf, Sailmaker Cove, Heritage Park and Sound Hammock. McDermott is active in a variety of local community programs.

She is a licensed Community Association Manager (CAM), Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS), Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) and Florida Notary Public.

After retiring from ExxonMobil in 2005, McDermott returned to West Florida, where she lives in Navarre with her husband of 25 years, John. They have two daughters and three grandchildren. She spends her free time with her grandbabies and at Navarre’s beautiful beach, boating, camping and motorcycling.

McDermott brings a broad community management background to the table.

“I find that common sense and careful planning are basic management needs for any community,” she noted. “I know how to make a balanced budget and stay in it. I select the best contractor for a particular job, without reference to personal issues. I work with tradespeople, facilities experts, insurance companies, attorneys, and a range of government issues every day as part of doing business in Santa Rosa County. I always say work smarter, not harder.”
Working the same issues as County managers, says McDermott, has offered a unique perspective into how communities develop and flourish.

“I live in Navarre and I do business here,” she noted. “Issues like the BP settlement, beach re-nourishment and cleanliness, Highway 98 traffic problems, drainage, a decent community center, and local tourism are concerns that hit close to home for my family as well as our community.”

McDermott cites the local economy as key to Santa Rosa’s future. “There is a lot of potential here, but we need to focus on building our local businesses,” she remarked. “Every day, I make a valid effort to use local companies.
“In my line of work, I run across a lot of people who have lost their jobs, lost their livelihood. Helping some of them develop a business plan and start their own business has opened my eyes to the great potential this County has for growth and prosperity. We need to encourage that in every way because that’s how we’re going to come back from this recession.”

As a Commissioner, McDermott says she’ll focus on government fiscal responsibility, a new courthouse location that gets the best deal for taxpayers, growing businesses with livable wage jobs, cleaning up derelict properties, finding something to keep young people healthy and active and encouraging the farming sector through programs like a local market.

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