Mythopedia launched, Conservatives beware

March 5, 2014

Today, Media Matters for America launched Mythopedia – which it describes as “a new tool for fighting back against right-wing misinformation.”

The website is a simple fact checker. According to the press release, The Mythopedia was launched with 400 entries of common conservative myths.

Bradley Beychok, President of Media Matters, issued the following statement about Mythopedia’s launch: “Whether it is a relative claiming that global warming can’t be real because of a snowstorm in the middle of winter or a prominent conservative writer calling Barack Obama an ‘ideological Muslim,’ everyone encounters right-wing myths in everyday life. Mythopedia puts the facts about these myths at your fingertips. This tool is the next step in pushing back on conservative misinformation.”

“The week of CPAC seemed like the most appropriate time to launch a fact-checking tool, like Mythopedia, as I’m sure we’re going to be confronted with both old and new right-wing lies during the conference,” added Beychok.

Visit http://mythopedia.mediamatters.org.

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