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Saturday November 28th 2015

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New wrinkle in healthcare

Have you been late on paying your medical bills? Well, hospitals may start refusing treatment based on your credit history.

A new medical bill payment reporting system, MedFICO, will be available for hospitals by the end of the year. It will compute for doctors and hospitals a patient’s ability to pay. Healthcare Analytics, a healthcare actuarial company, is developing the rating system in partnership Tenet Healthcare and credit scoring company Fair Issac.

Stephen Farber, who resigned as chief financial officer of Tenet in 2004, is the CEO of Healthcare Analytics.

Federal law mandates that no hospital can deny your emergency care. But if you need to have a MRI and have a few late payments on last medical emergency, you have to have to shop around for doctors that are ‘willing to take a chance’ on you paying them?

This will definitely impact the uninsured and their access to healthcare